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WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of rapid deployment pole cameras and mobile surveillance trailers to assist with government safety and security applications. 

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Surveillance that decreases crime by


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Government agencies face a wide range of safety and security challenges.

With over 20 years of experience of partnering with multiple government departments, WCCTV has developed a complete portfolio of mobile surveillance units that act as an additional pair of eyes where they are most needed. 

Whether you need to secure a park, property, public utility, highway, event, or parking lot - WCCTV has you covered.

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LotGuard Unit at Commercial Property

About our service

Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Federal, State, and Local Government

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of rapid deployment pole cameras and mobile surveillance trailers.

Our vast experience, award-winning security cameras, and ongoing support services make us the ideal partner for challenges including:

  • Public works surveillance
  • Utility site security
  • Transportation management
  • Illegal dumping prevention
  • Auto theft and vehicle crime
  • Business protection
  • Protection for parks and rec sites

WCCTV Government Use Cases


Benefits and Features

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Virtual Security

Get situational awareness from critical locations without the need for additional officers or agents in the field.

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Rapid Deployment

WCCTV's surveillance units can be installed in minutes, giving you immediate operation intelligence when it's needed most.

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Mobile surveillance units offer true plug-and-play capability, so cameras can be quickly moved to new locations if your surveillance priorities change. 

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Approved Tech

We utilize non-Chinese cameras and component parts in all of our surveillance units, meaning our products are fully NDAA-compliant and approved for purchase via GSA Schedule contracts. 

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Ongoing Support

We provide free training and technical assistance for the whole lifetime of our products - not just until the warranty runs out. 

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Free Viewing Software

Access to your cameras is delivered by our free mobile app or desktop viewing software, meaning you can see your images anytime from anywhere. 

Electrical Substation Infrastructure

Use Cases for Government

Public Utilities Security

The nature of public utilities means the briefest interruption caused by theft, vandalism, or targeted attacks, has far-reaching impacts on communities and the economy.

Securing these sites is challenging as they are typically unmanned, and situated in remote areas. WCCTV surveillance units provide proactive security without the need for boots on the ground. 

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Vandalised Bridge

Use Cases for Government

Community Protection

Our mobile surveillance units support safer communities and help deter crimes including illegal dumping, vandalism, encampments, drug crimes, vehicle theft and more.

The ease with which our units can be relocated means once the issues in an area have been addressed, they can be deployed elsewhere to meet new surveillance requirements. 

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Highways Construction

Use Cases for Government

Public Works Security

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units can be deployed at locations without any fixed infrastructure for power or internet connectivity. 

This makes them an ideal security solution for temporary work sites, helping to secure valuable machinery, materials, and your workforce. 

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Port of Entry

Use Cases for Government

Ports and Border Security

Our autonomous operation surveillance units are ideal for deployment at borders, customs control, and ports of entry to detect a range of illegal activity. 

Our automated, AI-enhanced surveillance equipment can help protect perimeters, secure valuable property, and enhance situational awareness no matter how off-grid your location is. 

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LotGuard Surveillance Trailer

Surveillance products

WCCTV Solar Surveillance Trailer

WCCTV's Mini Dome Solar Trailer is an autonomously-powered rapid-deployment mobile video surveillance system.

It can be installed at practically any location, providing security for public utilities, temporary events, parking lots, and public works projects, or enhancing city safety by delivering a show of force in high crime areas.

It can be fitted with up to four WCCTV pole cameras, delivering live and recorded footage via 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi.

Solar trailers are the ultimate rapid deployment surveillance solution and offer full portability allowing agencies to respond to evolving security and safety requirements.

Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV surveillance products

Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras are specifically designed to deliver video securely and efficiently via 4G LTE networks.

They are a complete surveillance solution that allow for targeted and temporary surveillance in high crime areas, parking lots, public works, and major events.

WCCTV's pole cameras combine HD video surveillance, cellular transmission, and onboard video storage into a compact but rugged unit that is easy to install and maintain.

If your applications change, the units can quickly and easily be moved to new locations.

WCCTV's Pole Cameras can be powered directly from a utility pole or solar power.

WCCTV Pole Cameras

Pole Camera and LPR Unit on Street Light

Government Approved Products

Easy Purchasing via GSA Schedule

WCCTV's GSA Schedule offers our government and municipality customers a simplified purchasing and contracting process.

To view our GSA schedule and browse our surveillance products, click the image below.


View Our GSA Schedule

Video Surveillance Center Staff

Maximize Your Investment

WCCTV Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

WCCTV's VSaaS is a simple, cost-effective, and risk-free way to implement a video surveillance program.

If your organization lacks the time, resources, and budget to manage a surveillance program, then WCCTV VSaaS is the solution you've been looking for.

Our team of security professionals will handle everything from equipment supply on a flexible rental basis to installation, remote diagnostics, US-based customer support, and video downloads.

Learn about Video Surveillance as a Service.

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

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