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Time Lapse Video

WCCTV's time lapse video services are the ultimate way to document your construction projects. Monitor progress, celebrate milestones, and stay on track with 24/7 access to your job sites. 

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A Construction Project

Bring your projects to life

Construction Time Lapse Video Cameras

WCCTV's Time Lapse Video cameras and video editing services are perfect for capturing progress at your construction or demolition job sites.

We'll work with you to understand your objectives and key milestones to ensure you receive a video that documents your project perfectly.

Our time lapse cameras can be mounted to our solar-powered security units - meaning we can provide video filming even if your site has no power, no camera mounting poles, and no internet connectivity. 

The Benefits of Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse Cameras in Action

Our Showcase:

Capture. Create. Celebrate.

Benefits of Time Lapse Video

4K Screen Icon

Ultra HD Video

Our powerful specialized time lapse technology captures high-definition images up to 4K to provide crystal-clear overviews of your projects. 

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24/7 Live Access

Monitor progress at your job site any time from anywhere with our free mobile app or desktop software, and make sure everything stays on track.

Video Editing Icon

Editing Services

We provide professional standard editing services, adding music, animation, and text overlays to transform your videos into interactive stories to share with the world.

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Complete Autonomy

Our time lapse cameras go where others can't, providing you with 24/7 updates and access without the need for onsite power or internet connectivity.

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Win More Business

A time lapse video will get more eyes on your business, boost your website rankings, and drive engagement on your social media channels.

Video Editing Example

Our marketing advantage

Professional Video Editing Services

As a true Time Lapse company, we focus on much more than just cameras.

Our highly-experienced installation technicians and marketing creatives will help guide your project including

  • Where to install cameras 
  • Selecting the most appropriate recording time and duration
  • Wrapping everything together with post-project video editing 

Video editing is perhaps the most critical element to creating a truly engaging time lapse.

Even the smallest flourish, such as adding music, captions, animations, and color correction can stop your video falling flat. We create uplifting, engaging videos that demand attention.

Why You Should Install Time Lapse Cameras

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Ready to promote your projects and document your progress? Get in touch with our time lapse experts to request a quote for our filming and editing services.

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