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Traffic and Highways

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras are ideal for monitoring and managing roads, highways, and transportation infrastructure. Get in touch to arrange your demo. 

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WCCTV has the technology and services to enhance the safety of transportation infrastructure and highways, no matter how rural the route.

Our cameras can be deployed at traffic signals, alongside busy roads, or at busy intersections to monitor traffic patterns, provide worker safety and equipment security at highway construction projects, or assist with preventing and investigating traffic violations.

Get extra eyes on your network in under 30 minutes with our rapid deployment cameras.

The Benefits of Transport Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance Trailer Parking Lot

Enhanced Situational Awareness

Mobile Surveillance for Traffic and Transportation

WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras help officials responsible for highways and transportation networks improve safety and security.

Our rapid deployment surveillance units are an extra pair of eyes where you need them most, allowing for remote management of:

  • Highway traffic build-up
  • Incidents and collisions
  • Obstructions
  • Road maintenance projects
  • Data gathering

Our cameras can be installed in less than 30 minutes and can operate independently of power and internet hookups, so no matter how rural your road network we can provide the coverage you need.

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance Units


Benefits and Features

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Rapid Deployment

Our mobile surveillance units take less than 30 minutes to install, and provide true plug-and-play capability, ensuring your networks are covered.

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Should your surveillance requirements change, WCCTV's mobile surveillance camera can be quickly and easily relocated to address emerging needs.

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Autonomous Operation

Our mobile surveillance units are capable of operating independently of power and internet connectivity, so they can be deployed to even the most rural transport routes. 

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Remote Access

Our free mobile app and desktop software allow connection to cameras to provide continual situational awareness across your transport infrastructure no matter your location. 

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Ongoing Support

We provide free and ongoing US-based technical support to ensure your camera deployments achieve optimal results. Your success is our priority. 

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Approved Products

All our surveillance units are fully NDAA compliant and are available for procurement via the GSA Advantage Catalogue.

Urban Highway

Use Cases for Traffic and Highways

Traffic Management

WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras can be deployed at strategic locations along your highway infrastructure to detect traffic build-up, accidents, incidents, abandoned vehicles, and more. 

With full power and video transmission autonomy, there are no limits to where our surveillance units can be deployed, giving you ultimate flexibility and situational awareness.

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Temporary Road Closure

Use Cases for Traffic and Highways

Road Maintenance Projects

Road maintenance projects present several safety and security challenges and, given their temporary nature, finding a comprehensive solution can be difficult.

WCCTV's relocatable and rapid deployment surveillance units assist with reducing theft and improving road worker safety no matter where your project is. 

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Solar Surveillance Trailer Parking Lot Security

Mobile Security

WCCTV Solar Surveillance Trailer

WCCTV's Mini Dome Solar Trailer provides a rapid-deployment solution for monitoring temporary public works and highway maintenance projects where camera mounting and/or power are unavailable.

Each unit can be fitted with up to four WCCTV pole cameras which provide live video transmission via cellular connectivity, built-in video analytics, and onboard storage of recorded video.

The video analytics capability of the cameras allows for the automatic detection of predefined activities such as traffic build-up, stopped vehicles, illegal dumping, and more.

With complete autonomy of power and video transmission, the trailer can be rapidly installed at your roadside locations in a matter of minutes without any supporting infrastructure. 

WCCTV Surveillance Trailers

Government Approved Products

Easy purchasing via GSA Schedule

WCCTV's GSA schedule offers our government and municipality customers a simplified purchasing and contracting process.

To view our GSA schedule and browse our surveillance products, click the image below.


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4-in-1 Camera

WCCTV Multi-Sensor Dome

The WCCTV 4G Multi-Sensor Dome has been specifically designed for deployment at busy intersections. It provides four different video streams from a single unit, allowing monitoring of multiple directions.

Users get four cameras' functionality but with just one unit to install, one cable to draw, and one IP address, helping to minimize installation, maintenance, and transmission costs.

WCCTV's pole cameras contain integrated 4G LTE connectivity, allowing users to view and download the video remotely via mobile devices or an existing video management system.

Multi-Sensor Dome

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Police Vehicle Lights

Case Study

Hutchins Police Department

Hutchins Police Department's mission is to provide protection of lives and property, preserve public peace, and provide needed community services with the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards.

With a rapidly growing population around the city and rising traffic levels, the Police Department required a mobile surveillance system that would allow them to monitor traffic levels and also protect local businesses and parking lots against theft and criminal damage.

WCCTV rapid-deployment pole cameras provided a complete solution for their requirements. 

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