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Surveillance Trailer at Electrical Site

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Critical Infrastructure

WCCTV provides market-leading security cameras backed by a fully managed service to provide an all-in-one site security solution for critical infrastructure and energy facilities.

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Reducing infrastructure crime by up to


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Experts estimate the cost of equipment theft from Oil and Gas sites in the USA alone is over $1 billion.

Similarly, copper theft from electrical substations is one of the biggest threats to America's national infrastructure according to the FBI.

Protecting Oil, Gas, and other critical infrastructure properties is challenging due to their remote, isolated, and off-grid locations. For this reason, they require intelligent, robust, and proactive security systems.

Why Energy Companies Use WCCTV

Pipeline Workers

Managed Security Services

Video Surveillance For Critical Infrastructure

WCCTV provides rapid deployment, portable surveillance cameras backed by a fully managed service to provide at critical infrastructure locations, including:

  • Electrical Substations
  • Oil and Gas Properties
  • Wind Farms 
  • Pipelines
  • Water Utilities
  • Power Plants
  • Solar Farms

Our service covers surveillance equipment hire, installation, maintenance, remote guarding services, US-based technical support, remote equipment diagnostics, and ongoing reporting.

Our cameras are available on a rental basis or purchase basis to deliver optimal flexibility and budget efficiency. 

The Benefits of Managed Security

Remote Guarding Solution

Detect. Deter. Dispatch.

See for yourself how our cameras and services combine to deliver an automated guarding service for your locations. Intruders are automatically detected, audio and visual warnings are issued from our units, and law enforcement swiftly picks up those who don't leave.

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Security Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailers can be deployed to practically any location, no matter how remote, to provide 24/7/365 proactive security.

Standing at 20ft high, they are a highly-visible security presence and enhance security at oil and gas sites, substations, water utilities, pipelines and more.

They operate independently of power and internet hookups using solar and cellular transmission technology.

Installing our mobile surveillance units takes less than 20 minutes, so that you can be assured of rapid protection. If your surveillance priorities change, the units are easy to remove and relocate.

Built-in AI video analytics delivers automated intrusion and crime detection, allowing you or our monitoring partners to take action!

WCCTV Surveillance Trailers

Mobile Surveillance Trailer at Construction Jobsite


Benefits and Features

Solar Icon

Off-Grid Ready Surveillance

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance units can be deployed to practically any location. They operate via solar energy and cellular connectivity, meaning there's no need for power and/or internet availability at your locations.

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Crime Deterrent

WCCTV's highly-overt surveillance units immediately warn would-be intruders and criminals that their activities are being monitored.

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Complete Service

We offer a fully managed service that covers everything from equipment delivery, installation, connectivity, video monitoring, maintenance, and US-based technical support. 

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Viewing Software

Our free-of-charge Mobile App and desktop software allows you to remotely connect to your cameras no matter where you are, helping to reduce multiple site visits. 

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Our mobile surveillance units and combined services offer security savings of up to 87% when compared to security guarding costs. 

Oil and Gas Facility

Use Cases for Critical Infrastructure

Oil and Gas Security

WCCTV's autonomously powered mobile surveillance solutions are the ideal solution for enhancing security at your facilities and across your pipelines. 

With automated surveillance capability and remote video monitoring, our security services help protect your materials and infrastructure at a fraction of the price of security guards.

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Electrical Masts

Use Cases for Critical Infrastructure

Substation Security

There are more than 55,000 utility sub-transmission and distribution systems in the U.S. These remote facilities are vulnerable to vandalism, theft, terrorism, or other damage.

WCCTV's autonomously powered, proactive surveillance solutions help mitigate the key security risks associated with these locations and enhance operational controls.

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Solar Farm Panels

Use Cases for Critical Infrastructure

Renewable Energy Security

Solar and wind farms are typically located in remote, wide-open spaces, making them an enticing prospect for thieves looking to profit from the theft of solar panels, cabling, and other materials.

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units help bolster perimeter security, detect activity around your assets, and cost a fraction of utilizing guarding services. 

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Video Surveillance Center Staff

Professional eyes on your site

Remote Video Monitoring Services

Video surveillance units are the most effective way of protecting your sites from theft, vandalism, trespass, and coordinated attacks.

But if a criminal chooses to ignore the cameras, what happens? You may have some video evidence to review, but is that any use after the worst has already happened?

When you choose WCCTV, you can benefit from our remote video monitoring services and transform your cameras from recording devices to fully automated virtual security guards.

Our cameras feature built-in AI video analytics, automatically detecting unauthorized activity at your property. 

When activity is detected, an alert is sent to our monitoring team who will immediately review the footage to verify the alarm and initiate a remote crime prevention process.

The Benefits of Video Monitoring Services

See Your Sites

Remote Operations Management

Our mobile surveillance equipment can be utilized for more than just security applications.

With WCCTV's free viewing tools, you will have live views of your sites 24/7/365, meaning you can:

  • See when workers and contractors come and go

  • Ensure a safe working environment and detect hazards

  • Manage operations remotely

  • Reduce site visits

  • Monitor environmental conditions

Benefits of Remote Project Management

Security Guard Watching Cameras
Surveillance Trailer for Infrastructure Security

Our Security Advantage

Why Use WCCTV?

We are specialists in providing portable and autonomous surveillance systems that meet the unique demands of critical infrastructure security.

We have over 20 years of experience protecting complex, remote, and off-grid locations. This experience has allowed us to develop surveillance products and fully managed turnkey security services that help close security gaps at infrastructure locations.

Unique to WCCTV is that we manufacture own, fully NDAA-compliant, surveillance units, meaning we can provide competitive pricing backed by expert, US-based support services.

No matter what kind of site you're looking to protect, we have a solution that will work for you. We will protect your site against theft, malicious damage, and trespass, whilst giving you the tools to remotely monitor your facilities. 

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

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