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Surveillance Trailer at Retail Lot

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LotGuard Parking Lot Security

LotGuard provides a complete solution for parking lot security and surveillance. See, secure, and manage your parking lots and properties in real-time.

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Decreasing Property Crime by


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Parking lots present many security risks and naturally attract criminal activity such as theft, vandalism, property damage, and violent crime.

Per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 10% of all annual property crimes will happen in a parking lot. That's over 2 million parking lot crimes every year, with monetary losses of over $6B.

WCCTV presents LotGuard, a mobile surveillance unit that protects parking lots and properties against these types of crimes while also keeping your employees and guests safe. 

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LotGuard MSU

See. Manage. Secure.

Parking Lot Security and Surveillance Cameras

LotGuard is a solar-powered surveillance trailer specifically designed to detect, deter, and defend against loitering or criminal activity in parking lot environments.

With a LotGuard, there's no need for mounting poles for the surveillance cameras, and no need for onsite power or internet connectivity at your lots. LotGuard is an entirely autonomous surveillance system.

We can customize LotGuard units with unique camera profiles, including IR PTZ, thermal, license plate recognition (LPR), and multisensor cameras. These cameras deliver live and recorded footage via 4G LTE technology.

This allows you to remotely view live and archived video regardless of your location, or send alarms to our remote monitoring partners who act as virtual security guards for your lots. 

Benefits of Parking Lot Security Cameras

WCCTV Security Services in Action

Always Awake. Always on Guard.

Why Use LotGuard

Benefits and Features

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Crime Deterrent

The presence of a LotGuard surveillance unit at your location is an unmistakable show of force to criminal elements that your property is protected by security professionals. 

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Fully Managed Service

LotGuard can be provided as part of a fully managed surveillance service, including equipment installation, alarm monitoring, US-based technical support, remote diagnostics, and on-site maintenance.

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LotGuard delivers complete parking lot security at up to 87%* cheaper than utilizing security guards - without compromising quality, reliability or results.

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Autonomous Deployment

LotGuard is a completely standalone surveillance system; there's no need for onsite power, internet connectivity, or mounting poles for the cameras. 

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Rental Option

Only need LotGuard units for a temporary or short-term application? We've got you covered. All our units are available on a rental basis. LotGuard is here when you need us. 

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Rapid Security Coverage

LotGuard units are completely plug-and-play, so there's waiting around to get surveillance coverage - we'll have your sites secure in minutes.

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Viewing Software

With our free Mobile App and desktop software you can remotely manage your property, anytime from any location. Don't have the time? No problem, our video monitoring experts will do the heavy lifting for you. 

Residential Properties

Use Cases for LotGuard Parking Lot Security

Property Management

Whether you manage a strip mall, storage facility, or residential community, keeping your tenants happy is key to keeping them at your property. 

LotGuard mobile surveillance units enhance security and allow you to see, manage, and secure properties, reduce the risk of crime, deter loitering, and create safer environments.

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Distribution Center

Use Cases for LotGuard Parking Lot Security

Logistics and Distribution

Distribution centers and warehouses present many security concerns and challenges, with high levels of activity presenting many opportunities for theft. 

LotGuard can design a security solution that effectively secures your perimeters, monitors activity at your centres, reduces the risk of theft, and protects your employees.

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Strip Mall

Use Cases for LotGuard Parking Lot Security

Retail Security

LotGuard surveillance units dramatically increase security around retail centers, helping you to protect what matters most - your people, property, and profits.

Our surveillance units tackle a range of issues including loitering, encampments, theft, vandalism, parking lot theft, and threats to employee safety.

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Video Surveillance Center Staff

Remote Guarding Service

Professional Video Monitoring

Installing a LotGuard unit at your properties and parking lots will help reduce crime rates, just by their imposing visual presence.

But when a LotGuard unit is backed by remote video monitoring services, they become a virtual security guard - always awake and always on guard to protect what matters most - your people and property.

LotGuard units have built-in AI video analytics which automatically detects unauthorized activity at your property. 

When activity is detected, an alarm is sent to our security professionals who will immediately review the footage and take action.

This can include triggering blue lights, sirens, and alarms built into our surveillance units, issuing a live audio warning to intruders, and even dispatching local PDs or security guards. 

The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

Our Security Advantage

Why Use LotGuard?

We are specialists in providing autonomous surveillance systems specifically tailored to provide maximum security for vehicle fleets, property, and people.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with fully managed turnkey security services with one point of contact for all their needs.

All our surveillance units are manufactured in-house, allowing us to provide competitive pricing backed by expert, US-based support services.

No matter what your parking or property portfolio is, we have a solution that will work for you. We will protect your site against losses, delays, and incidents while giving you the tools to manage your locations. 

What Can LotGuard Do

Solar Surveillance Trailer Parking Lot Security
LotGuard Unit at Commercial Property

More Than Just Parking Lots

Who Should Use LotGuard?

LotGuard units are deployed for a wide range of use cases, we do so much more than parking lot security.

Our extensive client base includes:

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • School and University Parking Lots

  • Retail Store Parking

  • Property Management Companies

  • Vehicle Storage Facilities

  • Logistic Hubs

  • Self Storage Properties

  • Manufacturing Facilities

Three Ways LotGuard Can Enhance Your Security

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A more flexible and convenient solution to your security and surveillance challenges is just a step away. Get in touch with our security experts and let us know how we can help. 

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