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Surveillance Trailer and Truck at Jobsite


Case Studies

WCCTV's mobile surveillance solutions assist organizations across the US with targeted surveillance and temporary security applications. Take a look below at some of our recent case studies. 

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Surveillance Trailer Deployed at Property - Thumb

Waxahachie Police Department - Surveillance Camera Grant Funding

Waxahachie PD invested funds from a Justice Assistance grant bid into purchasing two WCCTV surveillance trailers to assist with seasonal crime peaks.

Surveillance Trailer at College - Thumb

Casa Grande Police Department - Surveillance Trailers for Events

The City of Casa Grande utilize WCCTV's mobile Surveillance Trailers to deliver safety and security at events in the city throughout the year.

Surveillance Trailer Secures Commercial Property - Thumb

Harlingen Water Works System - Intrusion Detection and Site Security

Harlingen Waterworks utilize WCCTV's Pole Cameras with inbuilt video analytics to prevent and detect unauthorized site intrusions.

Two Pole Cameras on a Building - Thumb

Niagara Falls Water Board - Site Security

Niagara Falls Water Board have deployed a number of WCCTV's 4G HD Mini Domes throughout their water treatment plants to provide mobile video surveillance with remote connectivity to monitor water processes and protect assets.

Pole Camera and LPR Unit - Thumb

Niagara County District Attorney - Operation SafeCam

WCCTV has supplied mobile video surveillance cameras to Niagara Falls District Attorney to help reduce crime as part of Operation SafeCam.

Two Pole Cameras and an LPR Unit - Thumb

East Hampton Police Department - Crime Prevention

East Hampton Police Department utilize WCCTV Pole Cameras and LPR technology to monitor vehicular crime and provide city safety.

Surveillance Trailer by a Parking Lot - Thumb

Town of Little Elm - Independence Day Celebrations

The Town of Little Elm has deployed WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Trailers at seasonal events and at areas of high crime to provide city safety.

Two Pole Camera Units - Thumb

Duncanville Police Department - Business Crime Prevention

Duncanville PD have deployed WCCTV's solar-powered pole cameras to prevent and investigate crime at parking lots, businesses and provide community reassurance.

Solar Trailer Deployed Downtown - Thumb

City of Richardson - WildFlower Festival Security

The City of Richardson has utilized WCCTV's Surveillance Trailers to provide safety and security at major events including the Wildflower! Arts & Music Festival

Solar Trailer Deployed in Parking Bay - Thumb

Niagara Falls Police Department - Crime Prevention

Niagara Falls PD has utilized WCCTV's Pole Cameras and Surveillance Trailers to target specific hotspots, reduce crime, and provide community protection.

Solar Powered Pole Camera in Park - Thumb

The City of Jamestown - Parks and Recreation Safety

The City of Jamestown has deployed WCCTV's solar-powered Pole Cameras to provide surveillance coverage and prevent criminal damage in parks and open spaces.

Emergency Operations Vehicle - Thumb

Williamson County Office of Emergency Management

Williamson County Office of Emergency Management integrated a WCCTV mobile NVR into their existing video network allowing them to access video streams via 4G LTE.

Hutchins Police Department Case Study Thumb

Hutchins Police Department - Traffic Management

WCCTVs mobile surveillance security cameras allow Hutchins PD to remotely receive live video from any location at a greatly reduced cost over traditional installations.

Surveillance Trailer at a Jobsite - Thumb

Turner Construction Company - Site Security

WCCTV provided Turner Construction Company sites with multi-application security cameras allowing the to protect assets and remotely manage their projects.

Surveillance Trailer at Worksite - Thumb

Howard Drilling Company - Site Security

WCCTV provided Howard Drilling Company with mobile video surveillance solutions to protect remote sites and assets, including the 4G LTE enabled WCCTV Surveillance Trailer.

Two Law Enforcement Pole Cameras - Thumb

University of Arkansas PD - Public Safety

WCCTV provided University of Arkansas Police with a mobile video surveillance solution for remotely monitoring the annual Bikers, Blues and BBQ event held near the University campus.

Police Security Tower - Thumb

Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office - Sky Tower Upgrades

Hidalgo County utilized WCCTV's Mobile NVR units to enhance their 'Sky Tower' Security Cameras to 4G-enabled surveillance devices.